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What I Got For Christmas: Let's Stop With The Hate

Disclaimer: this is by no means a braggy look what I got post, because I've seen a whole lotta hate on social media shaming people who post pictures of their presents online and to be totally honest, it's totally uncalled for. Christmas for me is all about spending quality time with my family and friends and I hand-on-heart get so much more pleasure out of giving presents as opposed to receiving them and seeing the faces of my loved ones light up when they open up gifts from me is what Christmas is all about. BUT, this is 2016 and at the end of the day, people are bloody nosey.

Hate it or love it, people enjoy peeking into the lives of others and there is absolutely nothing wrong in admitting that. After all, if this wasn't so, then Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter simply wouldn't be around, for the entire foundation on which they base themselves on is to share parts of your life with the world (granted, we sugarcoat and select our "parts" with a fine tooth comb), but this is the foundation of these social media channels and this is why we "follow" people after all. I for one absolutely love watching Youtubers "What I got for Christmas tag" videos and genuinely love seeing what gifts other people received from their partners and family for Christmas. Yes, I guess there's a massive underlying element of nosiness in there, but there's also just an honest element of innocence in there and a genuine interest to see what other bits and bobs people like, whether they be beauty products, perfumes, interior items for the home, candles, clothing, or even artwork. No I don't believe they're bragging, or showing off, or being insensitive to those who sadly go without, but instead just sharing with the world what little things are personal to them, so let's stop with the hate please? There's been far too much of that already in 2016! If you want to post a narcissistic post of your Gucci bag under the Christmas tree, then bloody do it! If you want to post a picture of your new watch on Instagram, then do that too if it makes you happy! Nobody should ever make you feel guilty for that. 

My Christmas was a bloody lovely affair, with my time split between London, Derby and Loughborough with all my family and I loved every minute of it. I've eaten enough to last me a lifetime and drank enough alcohol to fill a river and I'm entering the New Year several (actually, several may be a slight underestimation) pounds heavier, but happy and healthy and I wanted to share a few of my lovely bits and bobs I received for Christmas with you guys. Some may think I'm showing off or narcissistic, but so be it. I am always and always will be extremely grateful for everything I receive and never take the food, gifts or most importantly, the time spent with loved ones for granted over the Christmas period.

So I guess bottomline what I want to say's 2016 and people are nosey, so go ahead and nose away without the judgement please


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