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Introducing Fasheon: Your New Favourite Leggings Brand

Finding a well-fitting pair of leggings can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. With thousands of leggings on offer on the market and every brand promising you high quality technology and a comfortable fit, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming knowing where to start on your quest to find the perfect pair of workout leggings for you.

With my trusty Nike leggings I've been rocking since 2011 on their last legs, it's fair to say it was time for a much needed upgrade, as I began the search for a banging replacement. Despite having high hopes, it turns out my quest for the perfect pair of gym leggings had proven to be just as difficult as finding a pair of Mom jeans to fit past my knees without being huge on my waist…impossible and frustrating AF. When you’re sadly not the proud owner of slim pins, it ain’t easy I’m telling ya!

So the mission was: find a tight fitting pair of gym leggings that don’t go baggy on the waist and legs after a few wears that will also lift my bum up and make it look good without giving me a camel toe at the same time. They also need to be tight fitting on the ankle because let’s face it, nobody likes a baggy ankle fit. Oh and they also need to look nice enough to be able to blend in and wear them out and about when I’m heading to and from a workout without looking like a walking advert for the gym. Sounds like a piece of piss right? Wrong. It seemed like every brand either wanted you to compromise on style, fit, or your bank balance, with some brands wanting anything up to £80 for one pair of leggings. ONE! Like I’m sorry hon, yes I want my bum to look good, but I could fly to another country and back twice for that kinda money and let's face it, I was gonna spend more time chilling in these leggings than working out, so Netflix & Chill Sunday session warrants or deserves that much luxury.

So in summary, you could say I wasn’t having much luck with my search, and with my trusty Nikes on their very last legs, the race was on to settle on a pair…

And then I discovered Fasheon; an independent brand specialising in fitness and fashion leggings, founded by an old work colleague of mine.  Designed in the UK and manufactured in Turkey using the highest quality material on the market, Fasheon pride themselves on their fit and quality, which let’s face it are the only two things we want from a pair of leggings. And do you want to know the best part? Their prices start at just £12.50, with the most expensive pair coming in at just £16.00, meaning they’re accessible to every girls budget, without compromising on quality.

From minimal black sports leggings to animal prints to abstract prints to mesh panel inserts and cropped cuts, there’s an impressive amount of choice of leggings to pick from, whatever your needs and whatever your style. Minimal or statement? Take your pick. I opted for the slogan mesh panel gym leggings at £16, as I was sick of wearing a bland, plain black pair and was on the hunt for a pair of leggings that were nice enough to wear out and about on those laid-back Sundays without looking like a total slob. The dream, right?

I opted for a size UK 14 and my parcel arrived within 2 days (instantly impressed), in resealable packaging (mind blown), with my leggings inside a dust bag, which if you’re a sucker for nice packaging like me, then you’ll be as impressed as I was. (It’s the little things you know). The first thing that impressed me was the thickness and quality of the material of the leggings. It's evident that no expense has been spared when it comes to the fabric used, which as an advocate for quality over quantity, seriously impressed me. 

It's been a few weeks now since I've been test riding my Fasheon leggings and I am pretty impressed. They haven't stretched, they haven't lost their shape and I can confirm that they're still as tight on my bum as they were on the first wear, which is pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Oh and they don't give you a camel toe...winning! In a bid to make the most of the sun (when we had some), I've been making a conscious effort to go on an hour walk in the evenings when I get in from work to clear my head and unwind from the stress of the day and I've been rocking these leggings to do so. I can confirm they're tight enough to support you, but also have plenty of give and stretch in them to cater to those all important squats. Once again...winning!

Fasheon are currently stocked on Asos Marketplace, which you can shop right here and on the official World of Leggings website. In a society where fast fashion chains like PLT and Missguided are churning out poor quality goods and killing the market, I reckon it's time we started opting for sustainability and quality, without having to compromise on price and Fasheon is the perfect place to start...

Want a sneak peek of their current leggings they have on offer? Check out my top picks below...

I hope you believed me when I said there really is something for everyone at Fasheon. From sculpting styles to statement styles to integrated side pockets (mindblown) and high waist fits, this brand really is a contender to look out for. I know where I'll be getting my leggings from from now on...Gymshark watch out...

*These leggings were a gift in exchange for some honest feedback and commentary on the overall fit and quality of the leggings. All opinions are my own* 

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