Friday 27 May 2016 / London, UK

Berlin Photo Diary: Day 3

On our last day (sob), we headed out for a spot of brunch in Kreuzberg - the land of fab brunches.
After chickening out of trying the German mixed platter (told you I'm pathetic with foreign foods), I played it safe and went for a gouda cheese & prosciutto ham toasted sandwich and although it was definitely not the most German thing I could have tried, it was delish.

After our brunch stop, it was time to do some hardcore museum-ing before we flew back to London that evening. After cramming in all our sightseeing on the Saturday, Sunday left us time to properly explore Berlin's history - and my god there's a lot of it!

We headed to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum first, which although interesting, left us feeling a tad overwhelmed with information and wasn't really worth the €13 entrance fee. 
The Topographie des terrors museum where we headed afterwards was so much better...and even better, it's FREE!

The Topographie de terrors museum was bone chilling. Not the most pleasant of reads, it documents the build up to the Second World War in chronological order, documenting all the monstrous activities of the Nazi's and of Hitler himself. 
Although extremely unpleasant to read and deeply upsetting, I highly recommend it and am glad I got the opportunity to go. 

After walking around both museums for hours, we were all museumed out and spent the rest of the afternoon strolling the streets of Berlin, where we finally found one of Berlin's infamous photobooths! 

(Please please please can we have these London?!)

After hogging the Photobooth for a good 40 minutes and pissing off all the Germans, we headed back to Kreuzberg to grab our bags to begrudgingly head to the airport. BUT....not before a cheeky stop off at Burgermeister! 
We had been so excited to try the famous Burgermeister burger all weekend and saved it for our final day for a final blowout and GOOD LORD it did not disappoint! Check out my review of this juicy beast here 

And that was that, another trip ticked off that ever-growing bucket list & the trigger of the worst holiday blues I have ever had!

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