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My Stay At One Shot: Hotel Reina Victoria: Valencia

Hotel One Shot: Palacio Reina Victoria:

If you hadn't already guessed from my blog name, I am an absolute sucker for all things monochrome. My bedroom is monochrome, my wardrobe is entirely monochrome (except you Summer wardrobe, I make an exception for you) and heck even my iPhone background has to be monochrome. It's a bloody big ol' obsession. So when I was tasked with finding the Mother and I a hotel to stay in in Valencia, of course I opted for one with a monochrome scheme running throughout didn't I...

Usually when visiting a new city for the weekend, I always go down the cheap flights and Airbnb route, however my Mum is a panic pants and prefers the comfort and safety of a hotel and hey, when a hotel looks this good and has a bed this comfortable, I definitely wasn't going to complain, so Hotel One Shot: Palacio Reina Victoria came to the rescue.


I gotta say, I need to give myself a massive pat on the back for finding this absolute gem of a hotel, as it honestly could not be any more centrally or perfectly located. Located smack bang in the centre of the city and just a stones throw away from Plaza Del Ayuntamiento, you honestly couldn't get any closer to the action if you tried. Just a 5 minute walk away from the beautiful Plaza de la Reina, the perfect pit-stop for a sangria (or three) and just a 5 minute walk in the opposite direction to one of the main shopping streets of Valencia: Carrer de Jon Juan de Austria, this hotel is the perfect location for shopping, strolling, sightseeing, dining and exploring. With the main bus stops located literally around the corner in Plaza Del Ayuntamiento where you can hop on a bus which takes you directly to Playa Malvarrossa Beach in 20 minutes, you literally have the absolute best of both worlds with this hotel.


It's fair to say I think I had a love affair with my hotel room. The bed was abso-bloody-lutely huge and was without a doubt, the comfiest bed I have ever slept in. I honestly felt like Mia in The Princess Diaries when she stays at the Palace for the first time, seriously, you know the drill...I'm talking fluffy goose feather pillows galore and a mattress of dreams. It was a task in itself dragging my ass out of the bed every morning I'm telling you! The rooms are very minimalist, with a clear monochromatic theme flowing throughout, with a splash of individuality livening up the hotel in the form of it's choice of eccentric artwork and tiling. I got a thing for bathroom interiors at the moment (no idea why), so my hotel bathroom got a huge thumbs up from me. A waterfall shower yaaaas, with the cutest tiling I ever did see, complete with an industrial vibe's a big fat yes from me!


I believe the hotel is pretty pricey in terms of booking directly through the hotel at a nightly rate, but thanks to the saviour that is you can easily nab yourself a reasonable flight + hotel deal and stay at this hotel for a fraction of the price than if you were to book direct. This hotel honestly is worth every penny and I highly, highly recommend it if you are ever visiting Valencia.
Just don't blame me if you can't leave the hotel room in the morning...



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