Sunday 16 October 2016 / London, UK

Sunday Funday: Autumn Edition

Sundays as a student for me used to be all about leaving my bed for as little time as humanly possible, binge-watching The Vampire Diaries and feeding my body with whatever disgusting food would cure me of my hideous hangover. (Not gonna lie to you, this was usually a Mcdonalds.) Fast-forward several years and the Sundays of this working 23 year-old are now all about waking up fresh as a daisy (okay maybe not that fresh, I still consume the odd bottle or 2 of wine on a Saturday night...please I'm not that good) and making the most of my Sunday.

My single friends and I started the 'Sunday Funday' tradition amongst our group to escape the boredom of a lonely Sunday spent laying in bed completing Tinder while all your loved-up friends spent the day snuggled up in bed with their other halves. We decided to dedicate our Sundays to spending time with each other and to making the most of them, by doing something different every week. Whether that be wandering round a museum, sampling a new brunch hangout, exploring a different part of London, or simply driving to a different town. It seriously revolutionised Sundays for me, as they were always the shitty day of the week for me, a day where everybody always seemed to be busy spending it with family or their partners and as a single girl from a very small family, this used to leave me with very little to do on a Sunday...c'mon, there's only so much Netflix you can watch!

So, this Sunday I fancied a break from the city life and as I'm lucky in that I live on the very edge of North London, it means that I can be in the countryside in no longer than 15 minutes in a car from my house, so the countryside it was! We decided to meet up at the famous Hatfield House and although the house itself is closed for the Winter, The Stable Yard was still very much open for business, with an adorable little farmers market in town for the day. The weather was surprisingly warm for an Autumn's day, so we took full advantage and sat outside in the Stable Yard and munched on coffee and homemade brownies (they were gluten free, so this makes them healthy right?) and basked in the freshness of that country air, which if you live in a polluted city like London, believe me, that stuff is more precious than that favourite bottle of wine of yours!

As my friends seem to think they're American and have adopted a rather unhealthy obsession with Halloween and pumpkins, we headed on to Crews Hill; a garden centre haven and a pensioners heaven and went in search of a pumpkin. I gotta admit, although I'm a bit of a Halloween scrooge, I did get a tad excited over the sight of all the pumpkins (although maybe that was just because it looked like a beautiful photo opportunity) and ended up bringing one home, ready to carve in a week or so for Halloween.

It was a Sunday very well-spent in the country and after all week of commuting and working in the concrete and graffiti-clad East London, it was so refreshing to get out of London for the day and to just have a little taste of the peaceful country life, with not a spot of graffiti, sick or leftover kebab in sight, (Shoreditch I'm talking about you). To be surrounded by so much greenery and falling leaves got me seriously excited for Autumn and Halloween.

Happy Sunday! 

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