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The Summer Shoe Trends You Need To Know About


Unless you've been living in a hole for the last few months, then you will have seen mules doing the rounds absolutely everywhere on the high street. Metallic mules, heeled mules, embroidered mules, suede mules, block heeled mules, yeah you get the gist...there's a hell of a lotta mules out there. There's something so effortlessly cool about a mule and if you're one who tends to shy away from brightly coloured clothes like myself (I feel ya sister), mules are the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of colour into your outfit as we (finally) transition into Spring/Summer. Their modestly sized heels elevate you off the ground enough to give your legs that little bit of oomph, whilst being flat enough to comfortably wear out all-day long without having to hobble into Primark to buy some £1 flip-flops to flop off home in (we've all been there!) They look perfect teamed with both denim jeans and dresses and are an absolute must for your shoedrobe this Summer.

The high street has a lot to offer in the way of mules, so get shopping girls...



DISCLAIMER: No, we're not talking about the canap├ęs here ladies. When sliders first became a 'thing' back in 2014 in the form of Ellesse and Nike, I remember laughing at the hideousness of them. Before long they had trickled down from the cool Instagram girls to the rest of us normal folk and brands like Primark and ASOS had soon put their own spin on the slider, in turn, creating a sassy, fun shoe fit for the beach or poolside. 3 Summers later and I've laughed my hypocrisy away and will be donning them myself in a few weeks on my holiday to Greece. They're certainly not a shoe to strut slide around the office in, but they're absolutely perfect for slipping on on holiday and are so much comfier than flip-flops. Primark have an excellent collection which obviously I can't provide links for because Primark STILL DON'T HAVE ONLINE SHOPPING WHY GOD WHYYYY (still not over it as you can tell), but if you're near a store anytime soon then definitely pop in to pick some of their sassy sliders up. I picked up the 2 pairs below just the other day, so go go go before they sell out.



The Western style accessory has been creeping back into our Spring/Summer wardrobes for a fair few years and it shows no signs of stopping if this years shoe game is anything to go by. Topshop, Primark and River Island amongst many others have a fab selection of Western style sandals to pick from this season. The Western style sandal is the ultimate casual daytime shoe and one that won't leave your feet throbbing or covered in blisters. They're flat and comfortable as hell, whilst being stylish at the same time...I mean what more do you want ladies?




I remember the days when I would roll my eyes at my Mum every time she used to whip her espadrilles out... and oh, how those days have changed! It may have taken years of persuading from my Mum to get me over to the espadrille-wearing dark side, but boy am I glad I changed my attitude towards these shoes. Espadrilles are the epitome of comfort and there's certainly no longer anything frumpy about these shoes. They've had an image overhaul in the form of platforms, tie legs and splashes of gingham and leather and they're the perfect shoe to go exploring in on holiday, or exploring your city by foot on those Summer days. 



If you'd have told me people will be wearing sandals covered in Pom Poms 3 years ago, I would have laughed in your face. They didn't initially strike me as the most mature of shoes, however after seeing tanned feet splashed in sandals covered in Pom Poms all over my Instagram feed last Summer and this Spring, they've seriously grown on me. There's something very playful and girly about them, whilst still managing to maintain an element of style. They liven up any white summer dress and compliment light-wash denim perfectly. Usually opting to keep my summer shoes monochromatic so that they go with everything, I'm strangely really into this colourful trend. ASOS have an excellent selection at the moment! 



If you can't have a bit of fun with your footwear in Summer, then when can you? Summer is all about chucking the toe-crushing Winter boots to the back of the wardrobe and getting those tanned feet out. I love to experiment with bright colours and textures in the form of flatforms. The height is oh so flattering on your legs, without the crippling pain that comes with heels, making them the perfect shoe to wear both day and night. 



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