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The Most Magical Place On Earth...

Unlike my word-vomit-esque Miami Travel Guide, there truly are not enough words to describe my day at Disney that can even begin to attempt to do it justice. If you've been to Disney before and have experienced the magic (sorry, I couldn't resist) firsthand, then you will know exactly what the hell I'm on about. If not, then you probably just think I'm just another slightly scarily obsessed Disney fan who needs to accept that I'm approaching my 30's faster than you can say Minnie Mouse. If so, soz but you need to get yourself down to Disney World asap rocky, because there is nothing embarrassing about being a Disney fan. Period. 

Every ounce of the Disney Parks in Orlando focus on delivering the most unique, magical experience for both adults and children and keeping that at the core of everything they do, is why there never has been and never will be anything that even comes close in comparison to Disney. I can sit here and say honestly, that before I visited Disney World just a few weeks ago, I wasn't entirely sure if Disney World would be worth the hype. Those ridiculously cheddar cheese TV adverts make Disney World seem like another planet, where global warming, broken families and Brexit definitely don't exist. Like come on guys, how magical can this place really be? it's still America after all, not Venus. Sure I loved Disney growing up, just like every other 7 year old did. Sure I cried like a baby (and still do) at Musafa's death in The Lion King and sure I had about every single edition of Minnie Mouse that the Disney Store released in my bedroom throughout my childhood and it had always been on my bucket list to visit the Disney World in Orlando (because somehow the grey, drizzly backdrop of Disneyland Paris isn't quite as appealing), but I'd never truly given it too much thought. 
Whilst some lucky buggers in my class got whisked away to Orlando on a 2 week Disney/Sea World/Universal extravaganza by their parents during the school holidays, it had never been within reach for my family, and with the Eurostar a bit more in reach than a 12 hour flight/6 grand holiday, it was off to Disneyland Paris I went with my Dad when I was about 8 years old. I don't remember too much, but I certainly remember not feeling as elated and as magical as I felt in Disney World in Orlando...16 years down the line, as an adult.
There was something completely different about Disney this time around and from the moment we parked our car up and entered the park, I felt like I'd instantly reverted into a child and had arrived in a place where nothing else truly mattered outside of those magical walls. Despite the imminent Hurricane Irma, our day at Disney World was a beautiful escape from adult life where all thoughts of hurricanes, nuclear weapons and Mr Trump disappeared down the Disney black hole of happiness. The entire day was both magical and surreal and I spent the whole day wanting to pinch myself, as I just couldn't believe I was finally in the Disney World in Orlando. Disney really have thought of every single element of the experience at Disney and I was just blown away by the attention to detail and the phenomenal customer service that you just don't notice when you are a child. Every single tiny detail has been considered, from queueing systems to transportation to Mickey Mouse shaped hedges. Everything in Disney is both immaculate and fitting. Not one aspect of Disney World in Orlando hasn't been considered and I was just blown away by it all. 

Everybody from the cleaners to the waitresses to the bus drivers to the shop assistants were all dressed in costume and were all there to assist you in any way possible and all with the biggest smile on their faces. Every single employee at Disney appeared to absolutely love their job and that only added to how special and rare Disney World is. Just like the TV adverts promise, Disney World truly is a magical place and no amount of words or TV adverts can portray that enough; you really do have to experience the magic for yourself (I promise I'm not being commissioned by Disney to write this, I'm just a girl in awe). It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity being fortunate enough to visit Disney World and it was a day that I will never take for granted and will forever remember.
With only having 2 days in Orlando, although I didn't get to experience all 4 of Disney's parks, visiting the Magic Kingdom Park for the day was more than enough for me. I got to see the castle, wander around the shops, ride pretty much every single one of the rides and watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade, and that was enough to satisfy every ounce of my Disney-obsessed 7 year old self. Before visiting Disney, I was worried that it would all be very child-focused and the rides and parades would be more geared towards children and I'd feel like a bit of a lemon walking around the park as an adult with no children of my own in sight, but my god I couldn't have been more wrong. Because I soon remembered the beauty of Disney...and that is that Disney truly is for everybody. And that's what makes it so special.

I saw child-less couples on their honeymoon and I saw couples celebrating their engagement. I saw Grandad's belting out every single word of Beauty and The Beast and I saw 24 year old 'lads' enjoying the parade more than their girlfriends. I saw 40 year old women twirling around looking like it was the happiest day of their lives and I saw 3 year old girls dreams coming true as they cuddled Minnie Mouse and got a high-5 from her boy Mickey. There is no age limit to Disney and walking around the park all day seeing the pure euphoria on everybody's faces was nothing short of heart warming. Disney World is magical and everything from the songs to the costumes to the characters ensure that from the moment you step through those gates, magic is at the forefront of everything you experience. The world is not a perfect place, but Disney helps people believe that it could be....
Disney, you made my dreams come true, so thank-you for making me remember what it felt like to be an innocent, naive child again...


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