Monday 31 August 2015

First Things First


After inconsistently dabbling with blogging over the years but never loyally sticking to it, I've decided to start a fresh and to begin again with a fashion and lifestyle blog...something which I've been wanting to do for years.

I have recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Ba (Hons) in English and Spanish. (When I say recently, I mean 2 months ago, but aren't emotionally ready to say my final goodbyes to University life yet!) I'm currently at that really awkward terrifying unemployed and broke stage in my life, where I've come out of uni 4 years later and still have absolutely no clue what I want to do for a career. It's that stage where you've handed your keys back for your house in your University town and have waved goodbye to every last bit of freedom and have moved back home and feel like you've taken 10 steps backwards in your life.

I had the best 4 years I could have ever wished for and spent the last month ignoring reality and travelling the West Coast of America with my best friends. But now I'm home and unpacked and unable to blame the jet lag anymore. If you've recently graduated, then I believe you'll know the feeling. You suddenly become a master at avoiding the question and rapidly changing the subject when your Grandma asks the dreaded question of "so, what are you going to do then? What jobs are you applying for?" You spend your days in your pyjamas (or leggings if its a good day) trawling through every job website that exists, you consume about 38 cups of tea a day, you spend more time moaning to your friends on whatsapp about job applications and being poor, than actually applying for jobs, in-between frantically checking your emails and avoiding your Mum...yeah you get the gist.

So, as I've had to accept that I basically have an irrelevant degree for all my dream jobs, I'm having to search for any old random 9-5 office job, while I work on building my experience up. This is where my blog comes many other girls out there, fashion is everything to me. Ever since a young age, I've always adored clothes, handbags and shoes and have always spent every single penny of my money on clothes. But it wasn't until the age of 18, that fashion became more personal to me. Fashion become a way for me to build my confidence, allowing me to explore myself through clothes. Every spare minute of mine is spent trawling through fashion blogs, instagram, pinterest, lookbook (and of course ASOS), constantly searching for inspo. Fashion affects and influences everyday of my life and I am excited to finally establish and work on a platform where I can share my passion with others. Styling is something I absolutely love and there's nothing more I love than sharing my inspo and outfits with other likeminded people.

This blog will follow my life living in London and beginning my career, and will be a collection of my inspirations and outfit and lifestyle posts.

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Sabrina xoxo


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