Saturday 26 September 2015

Accidental Autumn Haul

Whoops I did it again...featuring Topshop & Primark

You know those Saturdays where you 'pop into' Primark to buy some candles and find yourself leaving £50 poorer...

Primark and myself tend to have a love/hate relationship and as soon as I walk through those doors I just know I'm stepping into dangerous territory. Will I come out empty handed, or will I come out with a rabbit onesie, 52 packs of tights, a penguin shower pouffe and enough candles to host a ceremony? Who knows? 

Anyway, this week I actually only went into get new bedding and a packet of tea lights. Did I come out with either?...I think you know the answer. Instead, I ended up with this beautiful jacket which I adore! It's not my usual style as I normally stick to black or white jackets, but I tried it on and fell in love. The colour is perfect for Autumn and compliments my hair and skin tone perfectly. It was a little pricey for Primark at £25, but was well worth it. The material's almost suede like and is super soft on the skin.

Next, I got this cute two-tone black and taupe duffel bag. I already own about 30 handbags, but for
some reason they're all either clutch bags, summer bags, rucksacks, or massive bags, so I was after a cute little duffel bag just for everyday wear, when I don't fancy lugging my big handbag aroynd. It's not leather obviously, but thought it was quite cute and stylish for winter. It actually goes perfectly with the jacket too. Added bonus.

I also had to pick up a few little bits and bobs as well, because lets face it, you can't go into Primark and not come out with some face wipes and candles now, can you? I picked up my favourite ever eyebrow pencil, which I mentioned previously in my make up bag post, some cleansing wipes which I actually think are pretty good considering they're only £1 for two, a vanilla candle and a basic black and white striped top which I desperately needed to layer under my dungaree dresses.
Although I bought waaay more than I intended to, I was chuffed with my purchases and did actually need everything. (Well, maybe not the jacket, but hey ho).

Topshop mini haul... 

all black everything as usual...

I picked up this cute MOTO button front A-line skirt which I actually already own in white and blue (whoops), but just thought it was an autumn/winter essential which will look so nice teamed with black tights, black heeled boots and a cute top. And at £28, it's actually pretty reasonable for Topshop. (But maybe that's just me trying to justify the fact that I now own the exact same skirt in 3 different colours...)

Next, I picked up these gorgeous MANDOLIN chelsea boots in black, as I desperately needed new leather boots for Winter. I'm super fussy when it comes to picking new boots and had already tried on a load in Office, but didn't find any that blew me away. These fit like an absolute dream and are so well made, as all Topshop boots usually are. They were £75 which I thought was decent for a pair of sturdy, nice leather boots and I'm pretty sure I'll get my money's worth this Autumn and Winter.

I also cheekily bought this gorgeous plunge lace up tunic. I hadn't seen it on the website or in any of the other stores before and it's pretty unique, so I thought I'd treat myself to it. It was £30 which I guess is quite a lot for a day dress, but I liked it and thought it would look really nice with these new boots and some thick tights in winter. It just seems like it would be the perfect Christmas market/dinner outfit. (Yes I'm already thinking about Christmas markets...I'm a tad excited.)

And there we have it, my accidental Primark & Topshop mini haul. Which I most definitely shouldn't have done, considering I am currently an unemployed graduate with no job. But hey, at least I'll be a happy, well dressed unemployed graduate with my new shiny boots.



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