Sunday 27 September 2015

DIY Sundays...


So this Sunday I decided to get creative and made a fashion collage for my bedroom wall. Collages are something which I loooove doing, even at the age of 22... (yes I know I probably should have outgrown them by now), but there's something about them that I find so therapeutic. I've always been a creative person and absolutely love making things, so I thought I'd put my boring Sunday to use and re-do my board, rather than binge watching netflix like I usually do on a Sunday!

All you need to make this is:
- A large cork board (I got mine for £10 from Dunelm Mill) 
- Scissors
- White/Blue Tac
- An old Elle/Vogue magazine (which you don't mind slaughtering)
- A good playlist on in the background (mine was Miguel's album) 
- And your imagination!

Once you've got all these things ready, it's pretty simple. Get flicking through your magazine and just snip and rip away at images and adverts that catch your eye. I went for a black/white/pink theme, as that's the colour scheme of my bedroom, but in a magazine like ELLE (which is what I used), there's tons of colour choice.

I began by roughly layering black and white images side by side for my background, so I knew that there wouldn't be any gaps on the board. Once you've got them in place, just stick a bit of white tac wherever to make sure the images aren't going to slide around when you hang it on the wall. 

Once you've got your background sorted and the entire board is covered, the rest is entirely up to you. And for me, this part was where I abandoned the scissors. I went back to the magazine and flicked through and ripped out any brand names, such as Moschino and Chanel. I chose to rip them instead of cutting them, as I thought it looked a bit rougher and more like a collage, and it just looks more spontaneous and creative than it would do if you neatly cut them into rectangles. 

I am such a perfectionist when it comes to making things like this and I'm embarrassed to admit that it took me 3 hours to rearrange every image until I was completely satisfied with it. Then the fun bit was randomly sticking the brand names anywhere I fancied. I could have gone a lot more OTT with the labels, as I had ripped up a load more, but I didn't want it to look too loud and messy on my wall, so I left it as it is, which I thought looked pretty cool. 

I know you didn't really need a description of how to make this as it's pretty simple, but I just thought I'd share with you how I made it anyway, just incase. It's a fun and cheap project which can spruce up any room and can be done however big or small you like. You don't have to use a cork board for this, you could just head down to a car boot sale one Sunday and pick up some old frames and take out the glass and do it that way too. It's entirely up to you!

For something which didn't cost me a penny to make and only took up 3 hours of my day which would have been wasted watching Orphan Black on Netflix, I'm absolutely chuffed with the final result and love how it looks in my bedroom.

Happy Sunday!



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