Wednesday 14 October 2015

My 10 Autumn/Winter Essentials

I've admitted defeat and the dreaded has Summer wardrobe has been safely stowed away where it will gather dust for the next 7 months (how depressing) and the winter wardrobe has made an appearance. The closest thing to colour my wardrobe is currently seeing is camel and to be honest I couldn't be any happier. 

I love Summer fashion and after spending a month in California and a few weeks in Greece, I definitely got my wear out of my summer platforms and dresses, but my style definitely thrives in Autumn/Winter. My statement style is oversized coats, black tights, heeled boots, leather jackets, and black skinnies with hints of camel tones, so when it comes to my Summer wardrobe I never quite know where I stand. I'm one of those that spends the whole Summer counting down the days till Autumn when I can dig out my boots and tights and revert back to my monochromatic style. 

So I thought I'd compile a list of my top 10 essential Autumn/Winter pieces that I absolutely couldn't do without in my wardrobe this season. And as I am currently a poor graduate (sob) I'm making do with these essential pieces and mixing and matching to my hearts content with my wardrobe basics, as this season is all about layering, layering, layering...

1. A blimming good leather jacket

Leather jackets are an absolutely staple piece in any girl's wardrobe. With the ability to be dressed up or down, they add an instant edge to any feminine outfit and ooze style. Blogger Lily Melrose always rocks a Forever 21 leather jacket like this one and at just £34 it's an absolute steal. 

2.  High waisted black skinnies

I'm onto my fourth pair of these Topshop JONI Super High Waisted Skinnies and they're the only black jeans I've found which fit me like a glove. They're my go to 'I'm late and have no idea what to wear so I'll just chuck on black jeans and a black tee' outfit and are the perfect component to rock that all black everything vibe. 

3. Heeled leather boots

Absolutely no Autumn/Winter wardrobe is complete without a versatile, solid pair of leather boots. I wear mine religiously from October to February and they instantly add a touch of class and style to any outfit. I bought these Topshop beauties last week and they haven't left my feet since.

4. Duster jacket 

This awkward not quite Winter, but certainly not coatless weather leaves you sweating in your Winter coat, but freezing without a jacket, so opt for a duster jacket this month to see you over until winter coat weather is in full swing. I don't go anywhere without my camel one at the moment and this sleeveless Cream New Look duster jacket will spice up any plain outfit. 

5. Black pinafore dress

Pinafore dresses are dominating the high street this season and are an effortless piece which together with some layering creates the perfect Autumn outfit. Team this dress with black tights, heeled black boots and a striped tee underneath for a go-to Autumn outfit. Psttt I've seen a dupe of this dress in Primark for a mere £10...get searching! 

6. Camel coat (yes they're still huge)

Camel coats seem to have been huge for years and they show no signs of disappearing anywhere soon, as they're still very much dominating the high street this season. There's just something so effortlessly chic about them and they compliment an all black outfit so well. This Topshop number is definitely my fave I've seen on the high street so far.

7. A fedora 

Unfortunately I can't wear fedoras, as for some frustrating reason curly hair and fedora's seem to despise each other and I look absolutely ridiculous every time I try one on, so naturally I'm extremely jealous of anybody who can rock one. I absolutely love how they transform an otherwise plain outfit and instantly add a stylish touch to every outfit. This burgundy asos one is absolutely perfect for this Autumn/Winter. 

8. Striped tee 

No Autumn wardrobe is complete without this essential piece. Perfect for layering underneath a denim pinafore or underneath a black corduroy  pinafore dress which seem to be everywhere at the moment. A simple Parisian piece which upgrades any plain dress. 

9. A fierce pair of shades

Sadly London isn't California and we do get Winters which seem to go on and on, but on the odd occasion London decides to treat us to some sun, so just because it's cold, there's no reason why you can't still slay in a good pair of shades! These are my current faves from asos 

10. A bold lippy

Winter for me means time to scrap the pretty nude Summer tones and time to be a tad more experimental with darker, bolder Autumnal tones. I've heard nothing but good words about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry and it's going straight in my shopping basket when I get paid. Purple and dark red tones ooze sexiness and brighten up any Winter outfit. 

So there we have it...happy shopping! 

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