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How To Make The Most Of a Rainy Day

As the nights are getting darker and the days are getting colder, the desire to do less and less is slowly creeping upon us, as we opt for cosy nights in over late nights out in the cold. It rains a hell of a lot in London in the Winter, making it even harder to drag yourself out of bed on those days off, especially when you can hear that pitter patter on your window. much as we all love a cosy netflix marathon in bed, a miserable, rainy day does not mean that's your only option. A rainy day can actually be a godsend, allowing us to do things we haven't had time to for a long while or to dig out that neglected activity that you started last Winter. It may come in the form of snuggling under the duvet with your favourite book, or baking that cake that you've been meaning to bake for months, or perhaps a little DIY. Either way, a rainy day can be a blessing in disguise, so make the most of it.

I'm a big lover of a productive rainy day in, so here's my 5 favourite things to do on a rainy day...

1. Snuggle up in bed and read a book

Put your phone away, turn your telly off and get stuck into a good book. As a self-confessed Instagram addict, I can easily waste hours scrolling through Instagram on a Sunday and repetitively checking my Twitter and Facebook feed and I'm well aware that it's a massive waste of time. So, I make a conscious effort to put my phone away on silent in a drawer and just immerse myself in the book. My current read is The Girl Who Played With Fire (yes I know I'm extremely late to the party), but it's one of those books that needs your sole attention and is seriously addictive. So, find a book that's impossible to put down, get in your onesie, make a good cuppa and read, read, read!

2. Rearrange your wardrobe

I'm a tad obsessive with my wardrobe in terms of organisation and neatness. I have to have everything in order going in categories from jeans, to skirts, to tops, to jumpers and to dresses. I'm a strong believer in sorting through and clearing out your wardrobe every month or so and having a good look at what you've got, as it's so easy to forget about stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of having a Blair Waldorf inspired tantrum when I can't find anything to wear and shoving it all back in my wardrobe, but I do however make a conscious effort to sort through my wardrobe and rearrange it on a monthly basis. Just yesterday, I had a bit of a Zara and Primark haul (whoopsie) and had to take everything out of my wardrobe to make room for my new clothes. And after hours of stress and organising, I can assure you that there is no better feeling than having a neat, organised wardrobe where you can see everything. 
So next rainy Sunday, do yourself a favour and take everything out of your wardrobe, have a good clear out and come Monday I can assure you you'll be showcasing all those fabulous outfits you'd completely forgotten about. 

3. Have a good ol' pamper sesh

If Sunday's weren't made for baths, then what were they made for? I rarely have a bath during the week, as they just require too much effort, but there is nothing better on a cold Sunday than running a nice hot bath, lighting your favourite candles, switching off from the world and then treating yourself to a good ol' pamper sesh afterwards. Once you're done soaking yourself, sit in your towel for hours if you like (hey, nobody's judging you, it's Sunday!) soak yourself in your expensive moisturiser that you've been saving, get your toasty dressing gown on, paint your nails and toes and treat your skin to a good exfoliating and cleansing session. And if you're extra pampering, treat yourself to a face and hair mask too. Come Monday you'll be feeling a million dollars.

4. Have a movie marathon 

Throw some popcorn in the microwave, grab yourself some choccie (calories don't count on rainy days right?), put your fairy lights on, make a den if you're feeling extra creative and pick out some classic movies. Challenge yourself to an Audrey Hepburn marathon, or if you're feeling lovely dovey, a Nicolas Sparks marathon and sob to your hearts content. Refrain from keep checking your phone and just enjoy the movies. My absolutely favourite thing to do is watch a good romance movie with my favourite choccy. Hearing the rain when you're snuggled up watching a movie is just the best ever thing. 

5. Bake, bake, bake 

I rarely ever bake nowadays to be totally honest with you. As possibly the clumsiest girl in England, I make waaaay too much mess, always get the recipe wrong and seem to always overcook everything, so I think it's fair to say...baking is absolutely not my forte. BUT...I envy those that spend their Sundays baking goodies. Part of the reason why I never bother is because my Mum hates mess and is a bit of a clean freak, so her freaking out over the mess isn't worth the aggro to be honest, so I usually just do the lazy girls guide to baking and pop to Tesco for my baked goodies. But when I lived alone at University, I used to love baking with the girls on a rainy day. So what better excuse to invite the girls over and have a cute baking session on a rainy day? Sounds like a perfect day to me. 

And there we have it, my top 5 things to do on a rainy day. How do you guys like to make the most of a rainy day? 


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