Monday 2 November 2015 / London, UK

Monday Wish List

Starting from today, every Monday I'm going to plan to do a weekly wish list, because let's face it, everybody hates Monday's, and who doesn't need a little motivation to get yourself through those early mornings being squished to death on the tube all week?! My motivation comes in the form of dreams of finally owning the Chanel Jumbo Double Flap Bag and very large online Zara shopping baskets which NEED to be ordered. 

I'm one of these people who can be atrocious with money, but amazing at saving when I put my mind to it and when there's something that I really really want...which nine times out of ten is a pair of shoes or a designer handbag. I'm a strong believer in working hard for things and am not a fan of wasting money. As my favourite ever quote says..."I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my wardrobe" and that's certainly the case for me. I'm a big fan of setting my heart on something, becoming obsessed with it (yes I'm talking about you Chanel bag) and then working my ass off to save for it. There's absolutely nothing more satisfying than walking into a shop and handing over all your hard earned cash in exchange for your dream item. 

So, as I start my new job next Monday (eek), after 4 years of being a poor student and only being able to buy one or two things a month, I can finally begin to save up for all those things I've been lusting after and for the first time in my life, can actually click order on those 3 digit Zara baskets.

So here are the things I've been lusting after all week and will hopefully be ordering come my first payday...(all products are linked) 

Zara Backpack / Zara Messenger 
Zara Playsuit / MOTO Pinafore Dress
Zara Ankle Boots / Topshop MISTIC Leather Boots 
Missguided Suede Biker Jacket / Topshop Wool Coat 
And there we have it. I'm counting down the days til payday already so I can buy these beauties. Let me know what's your favourite!



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