Saturday 21 May 2016

Berlin Bucket List: What To Eat

So last weekend, my best pals and I headed to Berlin for a long weekend and I'll admit it, although I absolutely adore exploring new cultures and sampling the different cocktail menus of the World, I'm not the most adventurous of people when it comes to sampling different foods. I've been a fussy eater ever since I was a child, so the idea of foreign food still kinda freaks me out a little bit to be totally honest with you. Afraid of mushrooms, not a huge fan of meat and with a hatred for fish and seafood, most of Europe is kinda wasted on me. So I gotta say, the idea of German food didn't fill me with too much delight!

I did however scour the internet before I went and swiftly learnt that Berlin is the home of heavenly brunches (*insert praise the lord hand emoji here*) and brunch speaks my language in any country!

So, here's my Berlin bucket list of what you absolutely have to eat during a weekend in Berlin, because lets face it, you simply cannot go to Berlin without trying a Currywurst! Some of these spots I discovered and sampled myself, and others I sadly didn't have time to squeeze in (sob, sob), but have heard fabulous things about.....


Kreuzberg...the Shoreditch of Berlin, and similar to its London twin... the home of fabulous brunches and Insta-worthy food snaps. Expect dark, quirky, candlelit cafes with the interior resembling that of a flea market. Knick-knacks and hipsters aside though, it's the absolute best place to sample a German breakfast. We brunched in Tante Emma and with a menu offering a German mixed platter (cold German meats, rye breads, cheeses and a selection of fruits), yummy toasties, pastries and top class coffee, it was the perfect place to fuel our bodies before a jam-packed day of sightseeing.

Location: Köpenicker Straße 1, 10997 Berlin

Other brunch spots worth a visit in Kreuzberg are:
Restaurant Bastard - Home of rich omelettes & pancakes 
 Located at: Reichenberger Straße 122, Berlin, Germany 

- 3 Schwestern - Converted hospital/turned art gallery offering yummy pancakes & huevos rancheros
Located at: 3 Schwestern, Marianneplatz 2, Berlin, Germany 

- Schönes Cafe - Hidden gem offering tourists the best pancakes in Kreuzberg!
Located at: Dieffenbachstrasse, 54, Berlin, Germany 


Ah currywurst, the most recommended food for the Brit's first time in Germany. As cliche as it is, ordering a currywurst whilst you're in Germany is just an absolute must. Essentially just a Germanified (is that a word?) sausage and chips from your local chippy in London, the Germans jazz it up a tad by sprinkling curry powder over their sausage, along with a mysterious sauce which again tastes like a glorified ketchup. With no classy way of serving it (even when ordered in a restaurant), currywurst is best sampled straight from a currywurst stall, which are dotted all around the streets of Berlin.

We stumbled upon Witty's Curry & Bratwurst stall in Wittenbergplatz which is actually meant to be one of Berlin's best currywurst's and it definitely did not disappoint. It filled those bellies of ours and was surprisingly good.
Location: Wittenbergplatz 1, 10789, Berlin


Without a doubt the most talked about burger in Germany, you simply cannot visit Berlin without a stop-off at Burgermeister. Rivalling the likes of Five Guys, Dirty Burger and the infamous In-N-Out, it's definitely up there in the burger stakes! And having (shamefully) sampled all 3 of the above, Burgermeister was definitely my fave...sorry In-N-Out! 
Located in the heart of Kreuzberg in a converted public toilet (yes, seriously) opposite the metro stop Schlesisches Tor, it's impossible to miss. And at only €10 for a burger, cheese fries and a coke, it is worth every one of those 10000 cents. For what looks like a shithole (it literally was) and with just a tiny stand under a bridge for their kitchen, the quality of the burgers is ridiculous! There's a reason why there's always a mile long queue...

 Location: Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997 Berlin
(P.S. please for the love of God, whatever you do....order the cheese fries)

SCHNITZEL of the most famous dishes to come out of Germany and it isn't hard to find one to sample on the streets of Berlin. For one of the most authentic schnitzel's, head to Scheers Schnitzel in East Berlin to sample a schnitzel street style! I sadly didn't have time to try one of these bad boys, (too much food and not enough days to sample them all!), but was recommended it by so many people. 

Location: Warschauer Pl. 18, 10245, Berlin 

So there we have it, my bucket list of food you just gotta try in Berlin! Now if you need me, you'll find me sobbing on the treadmill in the gym after one too many currywurst!



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