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Why You Need An Aviator Jacket In Your Life

Who'd have ever thought that a jacket originally designed for military pilots to battle the freezing temperatures whilst flying in open-cockpit aircrafts would prove such a popular jacket of choice and have such a prominent presence in the fashion world in the 21st century? No open-cockpit aircrafts in sight and certainly no licence needed to own one of these bad boys, the pilot jacket is back (although it never really left the building) and it is bigger than ever with every high street and designer name offering their interpretation of the infamous military jacket for both men and women alike. 

And unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, then I'm sure like me and every other fashion obsessive out there you have lusted over the Acne Studios Shearling Coat and if you are a normal wage earning/I sell my soul to TFL every month struggling London wanker like myself, then that £2,000+ price tag just simply ain't gonna happen. So, this is where I step in and scour the high street (just like I did for those Gucci dupes which you can find here) to find the best alternatives that are currently on the high street, because I quite like my soul and don't fancy selling it to Acne Studios anytime soon, even if the coat is possibly the nicest thing I've ever seen. So come on now,  I know you've all seen that infamous Zara dupe, so let's get saving those pennies...



Zara Faux Fur Collar Biker Jacket - £89.99
Missguided Fur Lined Blue Pilot Jacket - £65.00

80's Leather Aviator Jacket by Topshop Boutique - £325

River Island Black Leather Look Aviator Jacket - £85.00



Misguided Burgundy Faux Suede Shearling Aviator Biker Jacket - £65.00 
ASOS Aviator Jacket in Faux Suede - £80.00

Missguided Black Oversized Faux Fur Lined Aviator - £65.00

And there we have it! Those are my top finds on the high street right now for that perfect aviator jacket which will leave you looking like Gigi Hadid, but feeling like Bridget Jones straight out of that all by myself scene cocooned in her duvet. Yup, that's the beauty of shearling jackets; although you may look like you're just "so fashion" and definitely the kind of girl who buys Vogue magazine every month (even if you never read them...they make good decoration right?), inside I can guarantee what every woman wearing one is really thinking is "shit this coat is soft!" I may have had a treat yourself moment the other day in Zara when I was meant to be Christmas shopping and purchased the Zara leather beauty that every Tom, Dick and Harry is wearing at the moment (originality is overrated anyway when a coat is this good) and I legit feel like I'm wearing a duvet everytime I wear it. So if you do invest in any of these jackets, then oh my lord you are in for a treat! And I can't help but chuckle to myself everytime I put my "pilot" jacket on about the fact that the 'pilot jacket' once started as just that...a jacket for pilots in the 1940's and now here I am, a 23 year old woman wearing it as a fashion accessory in 2016.

And that is why I love fashion...


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